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Just for anyone browsing the forums
Feel free to post your thoughts and criticisms
We're always wanting to know, how to help everyone out
Also to get everyone else, to join the forums for fun!
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 General Rule of the SexyChocobos Clan [Not Forum Rules]

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PostSubject: General Rule of the SexyChocobos Clan [Not Forum Rules]   Thu Sep 02, 2010 3:43 am

Mostly just going to underline any rules, being this will be important for future members also.

1. If there's any admin on, and you had a friend request to join. We need to know, if they're skilled and actually not being a hacker. It's fine before at the start, but when we get into real clan matches or normal games. People will know what to look for, and will report you for hacking.

2. Admin will not be given at request, mostly admins are given based on their actual activity. Along with what they support the clan with. Those I feel are abusing their Admin rank, will be demoted when neglecting to listen. Also note which Admin is inactive, being I'm aware of certain members inactivity.

3. Any Admin actually on, try checking once per log-in if anyone applied. Not likely anyone would really, but it doesn't hurt to take a quick check. Also any members feel free, to keep tabs on who's inactive and such. Since unless I'm aware, via a posting on the forums or told in-game about inactivity you'll be kicked.

4. No people will not be gifted unless otherwise specified. I will not be offering gifts, and then having people randomly leave. It's painful enough to obtain any NX, so unless you're able to find a sponsor don't ask please. I'll be looking into actually gifting people, based on performance.

5. Try to clan war if possible, but don't persist if someone doesn't wish to really do any. Some people might be in the middle of matches, or they might want other things. Sorry if people ask me personally, but unless we can get very active people then no I won't war any others.

6. Now starting as of this update, people will be required to log all hours via Xfire. Not to make it harder on others playing, but to make it easier to know who's really active. I'm enforcing a limit of at least 8-10 hours per member, about 5-6 hours per Admin and myself? I'm a bit varied per week, being how much I'm doing.

I'm logging all my hours, so check the Xfire clan page. So you can see how much, per member everyone is doing also. Those with a busy life (school, etc) can be given a break. Just try being active though, we don't want a completely dead clan.
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General Rule of the SexyChocobos Clan [Not Forum Rules]
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